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On Site Evaluation during the project development.
At Ja-Mar Restoration we believe in the personal touch. We prefer to attend all pertinent meetings and gatherings. Have been instrumental in resolving on site problems and issues. This also helps to avoid any future developments in the process of the construction project or building.

Check the Restoration pages for these projects:
Roshek Building
Bronze, brass, copper and wood pieces. LEED certified Project! Click Here.
Carnegie-Stout Library
White Oak wood replacement railings. Click Here.
Security Building
Cast Iron philasters, panels etc. Click Here.
Dubuque County Jail House
Cast Iron decorative Winged Lions. Click Here.
Town Clock Building
Cast Iron philasters, panels etc. Click Here.

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Restoring the Pieces!
Dubuque, IA has been recognized time and again for it's dedication to preserving historic areas. We can include a designation as an Iowa Great Place, A Cultural and Entertainment District, A Main Street Iowa Community, a Preserve America Community, and as one of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Dozen Distinctive Destinations of 2005. A Smart city with sustainable ideas and One of the best small cities to live in 2010. We are dedicated to the partnership of preservation and economic development for our citizens.
There is new retail, restaurant and hotel sales revenues, and employment opportunities due to the preserving of our history. Dubuque is a Smart city and with an IBM Partnership we have set some sustainability goals.  The Roshek Building has used LEED as guidelines to achieve these goals. The Millwork District project that is currently under way will also be using these principles/guidelines.
See below the list of items we can provide!
Bronze Items:
Door Handles, Elevator Dials, Lanterns, signs,   Decorative Parts, Medallions.
Plaques, Ornaments, Trivets.
Lamps, Brackets, Wall Holders.
Custom Carvings
Decorative pieces

Wood Items:
Fire Place Mantles
Decorative pieces

Cast Iron Items:
Door/Window Frames                                  
Trim - Window or Door
Decorative Panels
Trim Work
Railing Posts
Newel Posts
Door/Window Frames