Ja-Mar Pattern, Inc
Master Craftsmen for 43 years - (563) 588-2122
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Metal Patterns & Core boxes
Iron, Steel, Aluminum, Cast Metals, Bronze, Brass, Copper etc.

Wood Patterns & Core Boxes
Pine, Poplar, Mahogany, Plywood,
Plastic Patterns & Core Boxes
Red Board, Model Board, Urethane, Resin, Fiberglass etc.

Materials Used

Hard Woods
Cast Aluminum
Cast Iron
+ Patterns and Core Boxes   
We machine patterns by CNC and with careful programming and precision machining we can produce accurate finishes that require little hand dressing. We have a full computer integrated CNC machines that are capable of running 24 hours a day without supervision therefore making it possible to lower cost even more.
Our experience also means we can do "Bench Work" or work by hand on existing patterns.  Rigging, gating and repairing patterns is also available.  We make patterns and products in wood, metal, plastic, resins and tooling board.

We also supply Core Boxes, Models, Duplicates, and Replications of historical products etc. Additional services include welding and machining of parts.

+ Pattern Information
We are capable of creating from blue prints, photos, drawings (CAD or by hand), existing parts/patterns or just ideas or drawings.

+ Service Provided
Professional service is provided with product confidentiality and quality assurance. Every product is thoroughly inspected before leaving our facility, carefully packaged and shipped with reliable carriers.
+ Products
* CNC Machined Patterns
* CNC Machining/Machine parts
* Industrial Patterns
* Foundry & Casting Patterns
* Industrial Core Boxes

* Industrial Models 
* Castings
* Custom Welding/Fabrication 

* Bandsaw Blades

* Tooling 

We work with all types of woods, metals, cast, urethane, resins and other plastics.  Our pattern makers are master problem solvers with a variety of skills.


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