Ja-Mar Pattern, Inc
Master Craftsmen for 43 years - (563) 588-2122
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Ja-Mar Pattern and Restoration Wood working shop.

 Woods we can use for your wood working project are Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Oak, Pine and many others.
Goose Neck and Straight Railings.
Here at Ja-Mar we can replicate or restore building or house railings. Also the Finials, caps, posts, balusters and decorative trim. Parts can be constructed out of hard or soft woods. Recently restored the goose neck railings for the Roshek Building and the city of Dubuque Public Library.
To see some of the goose necks at their restored locations please click on the links below.
Mirror Frame Carvings.
Our experienced wood carvers can repair or restore carvings on mirror frames, dressers, book shelves, clocks, tables and Fire place mantles (as seen below). We can match existing stain/patina on the new pieces to look like original finish. 

Antique Tables and Furniture.
Restored part of this antique table base to look like original. To restore and/or repair your antique wood furniture
Under construction
Under construction.

Peter Schroeder
Built in 2001. Approved by music instructor and is still played today. 
Maple sides/back and spruce front.

Under construction
Under construction
Under construction

Restoring The Pieces!