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Fist Model
A Model of a fist before sending off to be cast.  Ja-Mar cast this in iron per the customer's specifications.  This is a plastic model which was taken from the customer's hand. 
Caterpilliar Book Ends
Developed for a local toy company.
Bronze Door Handle
Mystique Casino required custom door handles with their logo.

  Restoring The Pieces!
Here at Ja-Mar, Inc. we have Model Makers with many years of experience. Shown on this page are some of the models we have developed here.  Customer provides prints, photos or drawings and any information to complete each project. 
+ Riding Tractor
This Product was for a local toy manufacturer. This Model of the combine was the first of it's kind. This model also has attachments - grain and corn heads which were also developed in our facility. Other models for this company have been golf carts, small 1/8 scale tractors etc.
+ Under Construction
    + Under Construction
+ Machine Gun Prop for a customer
Prop for a play at a local theater. We are able to make many props for theaters, film makers etc.  These realistic props can include such things as back grounds, back drops, stage stationary items, and hand held items.                                                                        

+ Under Construction
Under Construction.

Under Construction
Under Construction