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Step One
Work with customer to go over information and discuss parts.
Step Two
Create a Model for approval and any needed modifications.
Step Three
Pattern is built after approval and modifications.
Step Four
Castings are made, inspected and shipped to client location.
Mystique Casino - Dubuque, IA
A renovation was performed in 2010 with the
installation of new custom bronze door handles installed on the front doors. Ja-Mar worked with customer to create these custom door handles following the steps described above. The design on the handles is the casino's trade mark.

Four Mounds - Dubuque, IA
Bronze chandelier: A historic chandelier was restored, repaired and welded. Cleaned up and made to shine again.
Floor Steam cover: A historic floor steam pipe cover was replicated due to inability to locate any original parts.
Cannon - Lemfco Foundry, Galena, IL.  Repaired pieces of a model cannon.

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Restoring The Pieces!
Porsche Parts.  Created and machined parts for a customer who is an engineer. They bring in hand drawings or prints for parts they need for the porsches.

Champion Mixed Martial Arts Plaques for Belt.  Created and prepared plaques and applied to leather belt. The first plaque is the large one for the center of the belt and the second is for the sides of the belt - one left and one right.

Saxophone Musical Instrument. Created neck parts to replace the damaged ones.
Plane Parts. Aluminum castings created for the 375 Mag part.
Woodworking Plain.  Repaired and replicated a historic plain.