Ja-Mar Pattern, Inc
Master Craftsmen for 43 years - (563) 588-2122
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42+ Years of Experience!

Ja-Mar Pattern, Inc.

Birth of Ja-Mar Pattern.
Jack Swenson and his wife Emmie came from Rockford, ILL to start a pattern shop.

Dubuque, IA.
Land of opportunity.
The local area had plenty of foundries and industrial businesses.

Prior to 1969.
spent years learning the trade in various shops in the Rockford and tri-state area. He achieved a level of expertise that has been passed on to his pattern maker apprentices and employees.
Peter Schroeder.
Swenson hired Schroeder at the age of 19 to join his team at Ja-mar. He would become the main Pattern Maker at Ja-Mar taking on all challenges and become the next owner.    

Jack Swenson and wife Emmie.
Jack and Emmie retired and sold the business to his partner, Peter Schroeder and his wife Jacqueline.

40+ Years More!

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Ja-Mar Pattern, Inc. Dubuque, IA 52002.
Our facility is located on the west side close to highway 20, highway 32 at 1760 Radford Road. There are several industrial parks in the area.   Ja-Mar Location, Dubuque, Iowa Map

Experienced Pattern Makers and Machinist along with apprentices learning the trades and preparing us for the next 40+ years.

  Our Business Mission!

We believe the customer is all important. Their needs are our needs, their success is our success, high quality with on-time delivery by knowledgeable skilled people is a combination that provides peace of mind, satisfaction and repeat business. 

  Our Facilities:

Our facility is currently organized into 3 areas:
Metal Shop
Wood Working Shop
CAD Services & Office Facilities.
The company has invested in staff training, purchasing machines and tools, and more advantaged computer systems. These help us cut cost and make savings we pass onto our customers. Also, enables us to finish and deliver quicker thanks to new skills and technology.

Our Metal Shop is a top of the line shop. We have 42+ years of experience with many different types of projects. We have many years of machining experience and are capable of holding tight tolerances to meet your part specifications.
The shops work together to coordinate all the various projects. Our highly skilled Metal, Plastic and Wood Shop Team are ready to help you with your entire pattern making needs. We have full computer CNC machining centers that are capable of running 24/7 without supervision which helps keep costs to a minimum. No job too big or too small - We are capable of doing all kinds of little jobs or any local job that comes to us.
We have a massive 11,500 sq/ft. of space we use to work on large projects.

Our facility is also up to date with all the latest technology boasting a full suite of networked computer workstations with Microsoft Windows software, accounting and CAD software to handle prints, files and other documentation.
The facility also benefits from a permanent "always on" high speed internet connection and on staff computer programmer and web master.

Peter Schroeder

President CEO,
Ja-Mar Pattern, Inc.
Positions held:
Pattern Maker's Apprentice,
Master Pattern Maker,

Peter Schroeder, together with the other experienced Pattern Makers and Machinists offer an array of services that are hard to find in one place.

Peter (just call me Pete) is a hands on type of owner. He stays involved in the day to day work out in the shop. Customer are always welcome to ask and speak directly to him.
We pride ourselves on the high level of satisfaction our customers experience. We do follow ups and receive a lot of positive feedback.  

Sedrick, Shop Dog - Safety First!

Get More Information:

For more info about our company our any of our services then PLEASE CLICK HERE to contact us by email or telephone.

We also accept quote requests by email, to obtain a quote from us please include as much information about your requirements as possible and email to: quotes@jamarpattern.com

Restoring The Pieces!