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Dubuque Old County Jail House - National Historic Landmark 1978
Style: Egyptian Revival
The County Jail was built in 1857-58 at a cost of $40,000, during the financial depression of 1857; designed and supervised by Midwest architect, John Francis Rague (1799-1877).  Rague also built the former State Capitol at Iowa City, Iowa.
The Old Jail is one of only three surviving Egyptian Revivalist buildings in the nation.


Ja-Mar restored and replicated the missing Winged Lions.

It is built of gray limestone (making the walls 18 inches thick) and cast iron was used for windows, door frames, decorative columns and the winged lions above the windows.
Winged Lion - Close up of the lion

Restoring the Pieces

Winged Lion
The lions were centered on the top frame
Picture from the Courtyard

Jail House
Egyptian Style
Dubuque County Court House is right next door.